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I have been a crocheter since my grandmother taught me as a child, but it was many years later that I went beyond the basics and started discovering for myself the huge selection of wonderful fine yarns available to fiber enthusiasts these days, as well as the multitude of crochet stitches that exist.

I have taught crochet and knitting for nearly 20 years now, first in my own Northern Virginia area and since 2004, also at national conferences and invitationals.   I was President of the Crochet Guild of America, 2000-2002.

The Website

I began the Almost Amy website in 2004 as my small effort to address a complaint I often heard from my students:  That there are so relatively few patterns available for crochet (as compared to knitting) for producing stylish garments and other projects using the most fabulous yarns.

At the patterns tab, you will find my current offerings of designs that I hope help to meet that need.  More are coming, so please join my mailing list to keep abreast of what's new.   To obtain the patterns shown here on the site, please purchase online from my Storefront at, where you can download them directly to your computer as Adobe PDF files.


This site and my company name are dedicated to my wonderful mother, who "almost" named me Amy.

Kudos to my sister-in-law, also named Karen, for her creation of my Almost Amy logo that you'll see everywhere.

And thanks to my husband Steve, who pitches in as account manager, photographer, webmaster, and sometime driver/porter.